360 Day Amortization Calculator Excel

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 · Anyone know what the formula is to calculate a monthly loan payment for the 365/360 method (Actual/360), when given the loan amount, rate and loan period? Details below: I’m trying to build a commercial loans calculator that uses the 365/360 method. I believe it is also known as Actual/360. So far it has proved to be extremely difficult.

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For all payment schedules, the calculator treats the. Re: Amortization 360 vs 365 Days Your banks payment is equivalent to an AER of 6.264%. Now I can get pretty close to your banks payment with ((1+6%/360)^(365/12)-1) as monthly interest rate on the outstanding balance.

10 Comments on “Interest Only Loan Calculator. Not with this calculator. However, with our amortization. it appears this a very simple thing to do in Excel.

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Margill | Interest Calculation White Paper – Actual/360 is a slightly odd method, which counts the actual number of days during which a loan is outstanding and calculates the interest rate based on a 360-day year. So, over one year, a $1,000 loan at 10% will yield $101.39 in interest (365/360) as opposed to the true $100 return.

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Banks most commonly use the 365/360 calculation method for commercial loans to standardize the daily interest rates based on a 30-day month.1 To calculate the interest payment under the 365/360 method, banks multiply the stated interest rate by 365, then divide by 360.

28 Tables to Calculate Loan amortization schedule (excel) Finance has always been a bit technical for all individuals except the ones who have studied finance. This is why many people hire finance representatives or attorneys to deal with their finances, loan, mortgages , interests, extra payments, etc.

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Loans are often repaid through the monthly loans of equal amount over a period of time, which is also known as amortization. The monthly payments are calculated such that the present value of these.