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First work out the area of the whole circle by substituting the radius of 8cm into the formula for the area of the circle: A = r = 8 = 64 (leave the answer as an exact solution as this need to be divided by 4). So all you need to do now is divide the answer by 4: Area of a quadrant = 64 4 = 16 = 50.3 cm to 3 significant.

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How Do You Find the Area of a Pentagon? To calculate the area of a regular pentagon, the perimeter of the polygon is multiplied by the apothem and the result is divided in half. The mathematical formula for the calculation is area = (apothem x perimeter)/2.

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Then you just add the areas together to get the total area of the figure. A = 64 + 8 = 72 cm 2 . Find the area of the figure shaded in red, given that the dimensions of the rectangle are 11 inches.

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